About Us

About Us

The Company of Business Leaders, Technologist ,Visioners and Social Well wishers.

Coaster and Hoist solutions, a technological solutions and services provider company, head quartered in Bengaluru started its journey from the year 2021 as traders and service providers of elevators and lifts. Later it added its technological services focusing on software product development and software consulting which is led by the technical experts with more than 25 years of technological experience. Coaster and Hoist Solutions launched its first product "Property Owner Pride" in the year 2023, a mobile application to cater legal documents for contracts and agreements for the building owners, and focusing on the new platforms.


Swift Document Creation

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About Us

Upgrade your skills with Live Online Classes

Our Mission is to bring or uplift the learning experience of students, unemployed youth and people changing careers with our innovative role based training programs. We want to bridge the skill gap between the Universities curriculum and IT industry needs through our role based learning platform.

Stay motivated with engaging instructors

Keep up with in the latest in cloud

Get certified with 100+ certification courses

Build skills your way, from labs to courses



Pushing boundaries with digital solutions, pioneering innovation for transformative possibilities

Catalyzing a shift to digital, enhancing efficiency in work and living

Redefining norms, creating a progressive lifestyle through innovative approaches.

Embracing opportunities, constantly seeking new frontiers for technological advancement


Focusing on solutions with a positive impact on the broader communitys.

Developing forward-thinking services accessible and beneficial to diverse societal segments.

Prioritizing solutions that enhance the overall well-being and prosperity of the community.

Striving to make a meaningful and positive difference through our innovative offerings.

Ensuring that our innovative services are accessible and beneficial to all in society.