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Online rental agreements are executed on e-stamp paper and digitally signed by both the parties, are legally valid documents. Online rent agreement can be used as address proofs.

Digital signatures have the same legal status as handwritten signatures under the information technology act (IT act 2000), and they possess the same legal validity too.

Both the parties, the lessor and the lessee can sign the rental agreement digitally, and these digital signatures have legal validity and it is a secured way of signing various documents, which includes online rent agreement electronically.

The entire process is completely online and it is not necessary to hold a hardcopy of the agreement, as the agreement copy will be on your email ID or you can download it in PDF format which will be stored in your mobile also.

The rental agreement should be signed by the lessor and lessee within time limit of the receipt of intimation from our third party. Remainder SMS for e signing will be sent to both the parities if signature is not made. Once the date expires, the agreement generated will be considered void.

As the details of the property, tenants and owners are already provided by you while registering in Property Owner Pride mobile app, you need not provide separate details during generation of rental agreement. There are no manual entries needed at this stage. Agreement generation and agreement renewal can also be done without any hassle.

Property owner pride mobile app will send link to both the first party and second party through e-mail and SMS through the contact details you provided while registering in Property Owner Pride mobile app. Once the agreement is signed, we will send notification and the soft copy of the agreement (in PDF) will be sent to both the parties through e-mail and it will also be stored in your mobile.

There are pre-existing clauses in our online agreement template which covers almost everything. You need not edit anything in the agreement.

Yes, you can execute and digitally sign the rental document from anywhere in the world. All you need is to provide correct email id while registering in the mobile app and the intimation for signing the agreement can be done from anywhere in the world.

Online agreement generated for 11 months is under leave and licence agreement and does not require registration. This applies to online rent agreements also and can be executed and signed online. These documents are legally valid. If a rent period is created for 12 months and more, it comes under lease agreement category and there are laws for both tenant and the landlord.

If the tenure for e- stamping for lease agreement is more than 11 months and more than Rs. One lakh (1 lakh only), it is advised to take the print out of e- stamping agreement generated by the Property Owner Pride mobile app and get it registered in the sub registrar office. An unregistered lease agreement is deemed null and void if it is not registered with the sub-registrar. It is the responsibility of the landlord to register the agreement. Whereas it the responsibility of the tenant to bear the monetary charges of the same.

The online rent agreement is drafted on e-stamp paper having denomination value of Rs.100.

No, it is a facility provided to the property owners who have downloaded Property Owner Pride mobile app.

If monthly rent is below Rs 5,000, there is no need for a revenue stamp even if the rent is paid in cash. If the monthly rent paid in cash exceeds Rs 5,000, it is mandatory to affix a revenue stamp Re. 1 value in the rent receipt and get it duly signed by the landlord. Also, you need not affix the revenue stamp in the rent receipt if the rent has been paid by mode of bank.


Property owner Pride mobile app is developed specially for the property owners towards tenanting their property. It is built by understanding the owner’s demand for replacing the old method of maintaining the physical records of tenants and buildings with something new and handy!

We have a user manual to show the procedure of registering in the app. We request you kindly check our website www.propertyownerpride.com for the procedure and register with correct details.

As your details like your name, your address, building address, tenant name, tenant details, date of occupying the building, etc will reflect in the online rental agreement and as the e-signing intimation will be sent to your email id and mobile number, it is compulsory to provide correct details while registering in mobile app.

There are both the options available. You can send a template to the tenant by SMS to fill in the details. Once they fill and submit it, the details will be automatically uploaded to your tenant detail page. Or, you can also fill the tenant details by your own.

Yes, it is very easy to send rent receipts to your tenants. The receipt will be sent to the tenants in minutes.

You can edit the details in the check your details page of your profile and building details separately and update it. The editing is allowed only once.